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Saying Good Words
(Publish Date: 2009-6-22 9:32am, Total Visits: 646, Today: 1, This Week: 1, This Month: 2)

             Students in Class 102 are active, clever, quick-witted, lively, but talkative and cynical sometimes. They often nickname their sheepish classmates some ridiculous sobriquets. Worst of all, they tease me as a dinosaur all the time because they think it is a lot of fun to make up a story starting by –long long time ago, there was a dinosaur named Michelle…

I try to teach these over-excited students to talk less and to say more good words instead of sarcastic and mocking remarks.

 Saying good words is a good deed, which benefits us as well as others. I told them a good friend, who was a famous plastic surgeon, had complimented me with a fantastic speaking skill. He said, “If everyone looks like you, all plastic surgeons will go bankrupt.” On hearing it, John immediately said, “Oh, come on, teacher, Do you really believe such a lie?” Then Jane followed, “HA! HA! Oh, My goodness! He means you are too ugly to do any nip and tuck.”

 The whole class exploded into a roar of laughter.

 I yelled with laughter, “Jane, you will pay for my face-lift if I get more wrinkles because of your joke.”

 Oh! I gave up lecturing them!

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夢見草 : u_u" 嗯,我大約有一年多沒來你家逛逛了,記得上次來你家留言是我出國前的事了,去了一趟紐約回來,恍如隔世......回應你此文的內容,最近看到台灣一則新聞,是有一體育老師被他的學生給取了個很不雅的外號,老師被學生激了個腦羞成怒,便出手教訓了學生一頓,都上新聞了,這件事當然鬧大了,老師當然只有道歉的份,動手打人固然不對,但無人去深疚那位學生過激的行為....媒體只看得到問題老師,卻看不到問題學生. (2009/6) [Reply]
Michellechiang: Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog again. I agree with what you said. I heard about the news about the teacher beating the student. I told my students never to nickname others in a mocking way because it might hurt them a lot. Nowadays the teenagers always take mocking as being humorous. They make fun of others and think of it as being humorous or being cool. As a teacher, I am responsible to teach them what is right and what is wrong. I think I need to take more efforts to give them some lectures and good discipline. (6/2009) [Reply]