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Talk Nonsense
(Publish Date: 2009-2-5 8:05am, Total Visits: 795, Today: 1, This Week: 3, This Month: 8)

Michelle: I have something to do tomorrow.

Student A: What will you do tomorrow?

Michelle: It’s none of your business.

Student B: She is going to see the gynecologist.

Student C: She is pregnant.

(All students laughed crazily.)

Student D shouted out loud: She cannot have a baby any more.

(A roar of laughter exploded.)

(Michelle also burst out laughing.)

Michelle: If anyone could take care of my baby, I would try to have a baby again.

Student E stood up and announced: Let’s make a deal that each person take turns to help Michelle to look after her baby for one month.

Michelle cried out loud: OH! MY Goodness!