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I am happy.
(Publish Date: 2009-3-16 12:08pm, Total Visits: 488, Today: 1, This Week: 1, This Month: 1)

Dear God,

     I am very happy every day.

Students all call me Michelle and they make me laugh all the time (oh, my goodness, that is that kind of uncontrollable laugh), especially in class 102, since I teach them at least one period every day. I have never been so happy before in my teaching life. With these strange kids, the newest generation, life is filled with laughter. Jane is the freckled girl who always laughs out loud. Her laughter often induces me to burst out laughing without control. Julia is the lovely girl who always says she is more beautiful than me. Gray and Elton are the most naughty boys in class. Tony is the boy I talk to every day and I feel joyful to chat with him all in English. He is tall, handsome and with curly hair. He is a good kid, but a little lazy, I feel. I like to chat with him because he is the only student who can speak English with me fluently. Actually I am practicing my English that way. I also try to keep my English diary at school during lunchtime every day. Thanks for your mercy, life can never be better so far. 

I love all my students. They not only light up my life but also change my viewpoints about life. I finally realize happiness can be so deadly contagious. Tomorrow, I am going to ask them a question, “Why are you so happy every day?” Dear God, are they really the angels you send to me?