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My New Toy
(Publish Date: 2009-3-10 11:56am, Total Visits: 506, Today: 1, This Week: 1, This Month: 1)

         I got my new cell phone, Nokia 5800, with which I was very much satisfied.

This high-tech gadget is really amazing. All of its functions satisfy my needs and it’s so convenient and easy to use that it has acted as my personal secretary. With Qwerty keyboard, I can easily key in English to put down my memos; with dictionaries, I can look up new words; with alarm clock, it wakes me up every morning and reminds me of important events; with Wi Fi, I can surf on the Internet at home or at school without paying fee; with touching panel and writing function, I can use my finger to write Chinese to text messages.

Isn’t it terrific and amazing?

I really love this high-tech gadget.