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To Kill Mosquitoes
(Publish Date: 2010-2-17 8:06pm, Total Visits: 346, Today: 1, This Week: 1, This Month: 3)

Elton: Michelle, where will you go on Chinese New Year’s Day?

Michelle: Me? Humm, how about going to your house to visit you?

(I said so intentionally because I want to frighten him. All students are afraid of teacher’s visit.)

Elton: Oh, my goodness, that’s terrible.

Michelle: HUH?? Does it mean you don’t welcome me to your house?

 (I pretended to get angry.)

Jane: Don’t worry. Just let her in. After she leaves your house, your house will have no more mosquitoes. (Then she exaggeratedly used her gesture to show that all mosquitoes might be all killed by my wrinkles.)

----Hearing Jane’s words, all students laughed out loud crazily.

Michelle: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane, watch your nose. Your nose is soooooooo long.